4.<Forecasting the future based on current conditions>

March 15, 2024

What does the future look like given the current state?
What will happen to the earth and the world if things continue as they are now?

If things continue as they are now, I have listed four major problems that are expected to occur in the future. If we are unable to stop 1. global warming, which is particularly difficult to control, it will have a negative impact on other issues and will inevitably put the future of the planet at risk.

『I think the following four problems seem to be visible as major problems.
 1.       Problems related to global warming
 2.       Population and other poverty issues
 3.       Energy issues and other industrial issues
 4.       Problems of moral destruction such as war, conflict, and terrorism.
Of these, the most difficult and serious to control is problem 1, which has a negative impact on the other problems from 2 to 4, which are closely intertwined and further complicate matters.


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