March 23. 2024

What impact will it have on people?(4

Furthermore, I thought about the future of workers. As the natural environment deteriorates, it is assumed that the social environment will also continue to deteriorate. I am very worried that people will have to face harsh realities such as how to live in the uncertainty of the future, how to protect their families, how to raise their children, and the increasing risk of unemployment. I believe we need to take action now so that our secure lives do not become a thing of the past.

『The Future of Workers
With a decrease in income, which is the basis of life, unemployment, rising food prices, shortages of supplies, and poor conditions, it is unclear whether they will be able to support their families and children, and I think they will suffer considerable mental and physical stress every day. In addition, even if they ask the government for assistance in their daily lives, I think they are plagued by anxiety about how much they will be able to receive. Even if one is a wealthy person or has enough savings, if the prices of goods and services rise to extremely high levels and it becomes difficult to obtain food and services, not only will the quality of life deteriorate drastically, but one’s life may also be in danger. Electricity, water, and other services that we have taken for granted until now may be cut off at any moment.


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