March 22, 2024

What impact will it have on people?(3)

Next, I thought about the future of young people. Under these circumstances, it is difficult for them to pursue their dreams, and they seem to worry daily about how they will make a living. Can they find a stable job? Can they get married and support their partner? Can they have a family and support them? Anxiety takes precedence over hope, and it is expected that it will be difficult to take a step toward a desirable lifestyle. Also, even if they try to change their environment, it is difficult to find a bright spot anywhere, and they may be so busy with daily life that they miss important times in their life and grow older. What will become of a world where young people are not allowed to stretch themselves and take on new challenges? I can’t stand worrying about the future.

『The Future of Young People
In this environment, it is very difficult to pursue their dreams, and they may wonder what kind of job they can get, where they can live, and can they plan for the future, including marriage and family? I think it seems that even if they can earn an income, they will be worried about whether they can live on it. But since similar problems are expected to occur around the world, it is difficult to find a brighter future, since escape to somewhere else is not an option.


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