March 18, 2024

What will happen to the earth and the world if things continue as they are now?(4)

First of all, I have listed the phenomena that are caused by each of the following problems: 2) poverty, including population problems; 3) problems related to industry, including energy problems; and 4) problems of destruction without regard to morality, such as wars, conflicts, and terrorism. I think we have to say that all of these problems have a high probability of bringing about a bleak future for us.

『I would also like to list the items that make up problem 2.
These are mainly problems that involve developing countries, but they are likely to include population growth, hunger, malnutrition, refugees, poverty, disparities among countries, the effects of resource availability, and environmental problems in developing countries. It is expected that problem 1 will also have a significant negative impact on these problems.

『I would also like to list the items that make up problem 3.
These are primarily industry-related issues, but it is likely to include energy issues, nuclear energy issues, nuclear fuel disposal, ocean pollution (plastic waste, etc.), air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, acid rain, transboundary movement of toxic waste, ozone layer depletion, runaway AI, etc.

『I would also like to list the items that make up problem 4.
These are mainly problems involving developed countries, but they could include war, conflict, terrorism, territorial disputes, racial issues, hegemonic struggles, and the division of the world.


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