March 14, 2024

I would like to look to the purpose of people’s lives in the future.(2)

Furthermore, I tried to think about it from the perspective of people to the perspective of humanity. It seems to me that we need to derive a path that allows each of us and all living creatures to live in peace, while still taking care of science and technology. Finally, as I mention the next chapter, I would like to consider what kind of future can be visited upon us if things continue as they are now.

Looking at humanity from the perspective of each individual, it is important to value agriculture and other things so that we can live a stable life even if various changes occur, and to obtain food while protecting the environment and ecosystem. I also think it is important to maintain the population at an appropriate number so that we can protect this planet. The development of science and technology is a good thing, but I think it makes sense to use it well while valuing the basic way of life as mentioned above. As mentioned above, if we cross the line and rush into war, not only will we not be able to achieve our goals as humans, but there is a possibility that we may even endanger the maintenance of the planet, so this must not happen. In order to protect the people and natural environment that we care about, I think it is important to calmly think about how we will live in the future and sincerely correct any wrong activities. I would like to make my own small contribution so that each of us can achieve an enjoyable life, and so that living creatures can live in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

Before considering how we need to change our planet in the future, I would first like to make a sober analysis of what kind of future awaits us if things continue as they are now. I would also like to make a prediction about the future that awaits each of you. I think this will give us a clearer picture of the position that people currently find themselves in.


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