March 17, 2024

What will happen to the earth and the world if things continue as they are now?(3)

If global warming crosses a certain line, not only will half of the plants and animals be at risk of extinction, but we will have to say that the life of humanity will also be in danger. For this reason, we must hold the average temperature to the 1.5°C rise that is likely to be reached soon.

『An important turning point (critical point) is assumed here, and if we exceed this point, there is no turning back, and it has even been suggested that the average temperature may rise by 4°C by the end of this century. What will happen if the average temperature rises by 4 degrees Celsius? Not only will half of the plants and animals be at risk of extinction, but water shortages, reduced agricultural production, a sharp decline in seafood, droughts, forest fires, and rising sea levels will pose a crisis not only to people’s lives but also to their own lives. The deforestation of the Amazon, for example, will spur further global warming, and it is inevitable that the earth will subsequently plunge into a catastrophic state. At this point, we should consider the 1.5°C rise, the target of the Paris Agreement agreed to at COP26 (Glasgow), as the critical point that must be observed. How quickly we can achieve carbon neutrality will greatly change the scenario for the future. If we do not do everything in our power to stop this irreversible state before it is reached, we will certainly lose sight of a hopeful future.


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