February 10, 2024


We must always keep in mind the fact that forests (plants) allow animals, including humans, to survive. In today’s world, where the future is at stake if we do not stop global warming, we need to focus especially on protecting our forests. In addition to deforestation, it is also very important to have a system in place to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Thanks to forests, carbon dioxide is consumed from sunlight, and nutrients and oxygen are produced. Thus, thanks to forests (plants), animals, including humans, can live together with plants in the earth’s ecosystem. Tropical forests, in particular, protect many lives and support ecosystems. It is important to understand how this wonderful environment creates the conditions for so much life to flourish (for example, more than 50% of the earth’s species live in this area, which is only 7% of the planet’s land area). The forests also contain an elaborate network of plant, fungal, and animal coexistence, which keeps life well-preserved. To cut down the forest unnecessarily would be synonymous with the death of many of the lives that live there. The loss of many forms of life, including forests, will have a ripple effect on the entire planet, such as accelerating global warming. We need to consider these things and take action.


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