February 26, 2024

In general, how does modern society operate?

At the end of this chapter, I have considered contemporary society. Although we are not solely dependent on changes in the external environment, I see a situation in which people are anxious about the future. For this reason, I decided to consider the internal environment in the next chapter.

There was a time when it was said that it was good enough to live a normal life, but today it seems that the main focus is on pursuing a better life (in a sense, greed) and preparing for the future. It is true that there are many convenient things within our reach. But more than that, it seems that people today have no hope that good times will come in the future and are very anxious about the future, and for that reason, they seem to focus on saving. And because of this, it seems that parents work to get their children into good companies, and children focus on getting into good universities, high schools, junior high schools, and elementary schools, and memorization-based academics are emphasized in the process. Also, I think that somewhere there is a sense of impatience and anxiety that if they cannot keep up with this trend, their future will become even more unclear.

I can’t help but feel that the most important thing, thinking about person’s future life, is being left behind somewhere during your adolescence, which is a time when person should think carefully and learn about various things. In light of this situation, I feel that we have entered an era in which not only the external environment, but also the inner environment (internal environment) is unstable today.

『In the next chapter, I would like to focus on the inner state of people these days and take a dispassionate look at people today, including myself. To this end, I would like to take up each and every event that humanity has left behind or is causing in the present day, and examine the impact it is having on the internal state of humans.』


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