February 1, 2024

Global Warming(1)

If the concentration of greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide) continues to increase, the melting of glaciers and Antarctic ice will not be limited to the problem of submerged islands. Not only will the area available for cultivation at a certain latitude at a certain distance from the equator become less cultivable due to rising temperatures and aridity, but at the same time, the possibility will emerge that human beings and other species will no longer be able to inhabit the area. Furthermore, if tropical rainforests, which are important sources of absorption for carbon dioxide, are severely damaged, this change will accelerate, and there is a risk that the situation will become unmanageable. This would force people to move to higher latitudes to survive, and the risk of food depletion would become more real. As people become more aware of this, there is a risk of sudden panic and a collapse of order. If this happens, conflicts will occur frequently, and the possibility that the future of the earth will become unclear will increase. This is why we need to stop global warming “now” at all costs.

First of all, I have listed these risks because they are expected. Our actions are needed “now” to prevent such a situation from occurring.


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