February 11, 2024

Desertification (Aridification)

The desertification (aridification) that is occurring on our planet is not limited to the phenomenon of ecosystem destruction. If it continues to progress at this rate, humans will no longer be able to live on this land and will be deprived of their habitat. If these changes continue, we can no longer say that precious life will not disappear from the earth. This is because there is a strong possibility that these changes, combined with global warming, will lead to irreversible changes that cannot be undone.

In recent years, the climate has changed drastically as a result of human commercial activities, resulting in aridification and the spread of deserts. This means that the ecosystems that used to be home to many living creatures have been destroyed, and if the desert continues to expand at this rate, it will become an even bigger problem. This is not simply a local problem of pumping up groundwater, but is the result of global warming, and it will be extremely difficult to reverse the process of aridification. However, we must investigate the root causes, implement avoidance measures, continue to make improvements, and, although it may take time, restore the beauty of nature and ecosystems to their original state as much as possible. For the sake of all living things, including mankind, and the Earth. Recently, forest fires caused by this aridification are also causing enormous damage. Don’t we need to look more closely at the root causes of these real-world problems and work proactively to improve them?


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