February 9, 2024

Decrease in Biodiversity

Humanity can live together with many living organisms in an ecosystem. The balance of such ecosystems is based on the diversity of organisms, and we need to act with this in mind. In recent years, many species have become extinct or are in danger of extinction due to global warming and aridity caused by humans. If we do not take action to prevent these situations, human beings may eventually become an endangered species.

A cyclical system called an ecosystem becomes stable only when a wide variety of species exist. Therefore, a decrease in biodiversity means that this ecosystem becomes more vulnerable. If the balance of the ecosystem becomes extremely imbalanced, or if some major change occurs in the ecosystem, even the survival of many forms of life may be endangered. Since humans can only continue to live with the support of many living organisms, there will undoubtedly be a crisis for humans, and humans will need to protect the living things that support us. We need to focus on protecting the environment in which these creatures can live safely in nature, and we need to be careful not to drive certain species to the brink of extinction through human involvement. I believe that what we must always be thinking about is how to fulfill the responsibility given to humankind to protect living organisms, that is, the Earth.


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