February 4, 2024

Global Warming(4)

When we think about why the world is unable to collectively tackle these issues, we see the fact that we are prioritizing our interests as a single country first. For this reason, I have thought a little bit about how the problem should be solved at the end.

I believe that the risk of global warming can only be addressed through a combination of positive actions, such as technological development in developed countries (e.g., development of alternative natural energy sources) and afforestation in developing countries, which will all contribute to saving the planet.

It is essential to support the developing countries’ desire to develop, while working together to promote actions to protect the earth. I would like developed countries to provide technological and financial assistance, and developing countries to protect nature and find a way to be happy together.

It is necessary to send representatives from all countries of the world to discuss important issues such as technological development and various types of assistance for developed countries, and solutions to population and poverty problems in developing countries, as well as food security and forest maintenance, together with the developed countries. For this purpose, it is necessary to expand the authority of the UN agencies, the WTO, the WFP, and others.


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