February 19, 2024

War conflict, etc.(2)

I am convinced that if people aim for peace now, various problems can be solved. I hope to work with all of you to change the world into a place where wars, conflicts, etc. do not occur.

I also have doubts about religious conflicts. Believing is a wonderful thing, so I think there is no need to fight at all even if others believe in a different religion. My thoughts may be a bit extreme, but shouldn’t we be able to enjoy the beauty of believing and rather consider ourselves friends? I believe that how we live our lives from now on is more important than inheriting past conflicts from now on. I hope that if we stick to our beliefs even if we are criticized and always keep our hearts open to others, we can avoid conflicts. Isn’t it extremely important to value and respect others? However, since there are people who make their living from this military, we will have to give sufficient thought as to how to change the system. However, I sincerely hope that we can somehow change the system involved in wars and conflicts into one that can maintain peace.


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