February 7, 2024

Marine Pollution

We must not allow pollution of marine resources that are important for our survival. Even though the oceans are large and wide, pollutants accumulate little by little and steadily in the bodies of marine organisms and affect human beings as well. It is necessary to establish rules for pollution prevention in the world now.

『The ocean is home to many living creatures. There are endless cases of people thoughtlessly pouring pollutants into this precious living environment. Recently, there have been reports that marine plastic waste and the microplastics that seem to have resulted from it are having a serious impact on living organisms and ecosystems. Our ancestors emerged from this marine environment about 3.5 billion years ago. And some of these creatures have been a valuable food source for human being. Although we may protect them, but we should not pollute their living environment. As creatures at the top of the food chain, we have been given advanced brains, and in our role to protect these precious creatures, we would like to find a mechanism to prevent such a thing from happening.』


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