February 20, 2024

Pandemic Infections

The recent pandemic infections that occurred unfortunately resulted in the loss of many precious lives, but couldn’t they really have been prevented? Even if international cooperation had been possible, it seems that it could have been prevented to a large extent, even if we do not know to what extent it could have been prevented. Lost lives cannot be regained, but I think we need to make use of this reflection next time.

The recent new coronavirus infection has infected more than 765 million people around the world, and sadly, more than 6.92 million people have lost their precious lives (as of May 3, 2023). This has led to the world not coming together to deal with the situation, but rather each government had been focusing on protecting its own citizens. It is very unfortunate that medical workers seem to have been sent to the front lines of their respective battlefields before the means of defense were in place. Why couldn’t the wisdom of the world come together and prevent the spread of the infection? When something happens somewhere in the world, it is urgent to build a cooperative system that can minimize such adverse effects.


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