February 18, 2024

War Conflicts, etc.(1)

Why do people cause wars, conflicts and terrorism? Even though it is so useless and the worst act for the creatures. I am sure the majority of people feel the same way, yet it has been repeated time and time again. Now, if we think about it calmly, as we have seen, many crises are approaching the earth, and we are at a crossroads as to whether we can protect the earth in the future, so I think we need to focus on that one point and eliminate anything that is useless.

Even if wars and conflicts break out, most people will not benefit. Even more sadly, the ecosystems of places that have become battlefields are mercilessly destroyed. Although some preparation may be necessary for the purpose of protecting the earth from threats from space and for disaster relief, wars, conflicts, etc. currently taking place on earth and anything related to the military are evil and unnecessary. Wars, conflicts, etc. must never be repeated. Terrorism, likewise, must not be repeated.

Why must people fight? We can only live by cooperating with each other. Is it for our own lives or religion? In any case, the need to engage in military affairs is inconceivable to me. I feel like our values ​​have become misaligned somewhere. When we think about what society should be like, isn’t it most important that we cooperate with each other and live happily, safely, and with peace of mind? And I think it is most important to find our own purpose in life within that. It is nonsense to think about maintaining war power, expanding territory, or securing deterrence. Now is the time for the world to come together as one, pool our wisdom, and overcome this difficult situation.


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