February 16, 2024

Nuclear Problems(1)

There are also many big problems with nuclear power, which is used to obtain energy. This is because, unfortunately, the fundamental problem of waste disposal has not yet been solved. We need to calmly understand the current situation and calmly consider the future direction of energy acquisition.

Thermal generation, which burns precious natural resources such as coal and oil and produces carbon dioxide gas, is very problematic, but nuclear power generation, which appears to be safe and clean, also has many problems. First, and this is a fundamental issue, there is a serious problem in that there is still no prospect of actively stably detoxifying waste disposal. The current waste disposal method is to seal radioactive materials and wait for them to decay naturally over time, which will leave a negative legacy for future generations. Secondly, the dreadful potential risks of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident and the radiation leakage from the Fukushima nuclear power plant during the Great East Japan Earthquake have yet to be dispelled. This is because the radioactivity that may leak from nuclear power plants and radioactive waste damages the genes of living organisms and increases the possibility of causing cancer.


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