February 15, 2024

Food Issues

As mentioned in the theme of population problem, food shortages are expected to occur due to global warming and aridity. I have considered what we need to think about under these circumstances. Since postponing this issue will lead to bigger problems, I think that what is needed now is to set up a path for how to respond globally and to implement it.

If global warming causes grain-producing areas to shrink toward the poles, or if aridification shrinks the area available for cultivation, the problem of food shortages will become more apparent not only for humans but also for many animals. In other words, as forests and cultivated land shrink, the total amount of food and food that can be produced decreases, and the possibility of a crisis in the lives of living things, including humans, increases due to the shortage. The impact on living organisms in particular will be more devastating. Not only for humans but also for the living things that support us, we need to pay attention to climate change and ensure a stable supply of food. We also need to think about how to respond in order to bring nature as close as possible to its original form.


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