February 23, 2024

How many natural disasters are unavoidable?

When we think about unavoidable natural disasters, they seem to be quite limited. Human beings have taken various actions in the past in pursuit of a better life, and our standard of living has improved greatly, but the risk of suffering disasters has also increased accordingly. It seems to me that we need to take defensive measures that take these risks into account in advance, as well as pay attention to the root causes and reduce these risks as much as possible.

The earth is a planet, so it is affected by the sun, other planets, etc. If there is a change in this relationship, it would be a purely natural disaster. If a change occurs on the earth in this relationship, it would be a purely natural disaster. However, when we think about disasters related to typhoons, earthquakes, droughts, floods, volcanic eruptions, and forest fires, for example, there are probably very few that can truly be called natural disasters. As a result of human beings causing global warming, the frequency of typhoons, droughts, floods, etc. has increased, and the damage they cause has also increased. Even if the frequency of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions has not changed, the damage they cause seems to be expanding due to the influence of the buildings that human beings have built in the limited space they have. Looking more closely, we can see that ocean temperature is responsible for the development of typhoons, man-made structures such as breakwaters are responsible for high waves, and population density is responsible for major damage in urban areas.

For this reason, I think it would be more appropriate to classify the majority of disasters as man-made disasters rather than natural disasters. It seems that the activities associated with the limitless demands of human beings have gone against the laws of nature, leading to the expansion of damage.

It is necessary to analyze the causes of man-made disasters in detail and consider how we can restore the balance with nature in order to minimize damage and prevent it from occurring. I also think that in the future, any action will need to be thoroughly assessed in advance and actions decided upon. It can be said that it is always necessary to be careful to not have a negative impact on the natural world as much as possible.


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