3.<Internal Environment>

February 27, 2024

Is it safe to say that people’s inner lives are fine?
Does each person have a dream? What is important is the dream.(1)

In this chapter, I will examine the state of people’s inner lives in this time of many problems in the external environment. First, I will consider people’s goals and dreams.

We have been examining the external environment that surrounds us so far in order to protect our loved ones. As a result, it has become clear that a number of problems are piling up. I have decided to examine whether people’s inner lives, in other words, their hearts, are really safe under such circumstances. First of all, in today’s society, which is said to be a competitive society, are people really living with their own goals and dreams?

I believe that it is a blessing if we can reach our goals with high aspirations in life. The competition that exists in this process serves to inspire and help each other grow. This is because I believe that each of us is working towards our own goals, and ultimately I believe that it will lead to benefits for many people and living things.


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