February 28, 2024

Does each person have a dream? What is important is the dream.(2)

I thought about dreams, which are very important to people. I don’t think it is necessarily a negative thing about being in a competitive society, but if economic problems prevent us from challenging our own dreams and aspirations, I hope that we will manage to overcome them. Abnormal situations such as wars must be avoided because everything will be lost.

I believe that it is a blessing if we can reach our goals with high aspirations in life. The competition that exists in this process can be said to be useful for stimulating each other and helping each other grow. This is because I think that each of you is working towards your own goals, and ultimately I think it will lead to being useful to many people and living things.

I would like to focus on whether people can really have dreams in such a competitive society. I think it is especially important for young people to have kept their own dreams and aspirations.

If you are in financial difficulties and can only look at things from a short-sighted perspective in order to make ends meet and cannot challenge your own dreams and aspirations because you only want to make a stable living, I think that is a shame and I hope there is a way out of it.

Abnormal situations such as war eliminate the opportunity for people to pursue their dreams, so they must never occur.


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