March 4, 2024

What should life be like? I want to see the difference between the past and the present.(1)

It seemed to me that the distortion of the external environment was gradually causing stress to our mind, so I decided to compare my childhood with the present and think about the way our lives should be. First of all, I thought about our family life.

『(In the past) The standard of living may have been much lower than it is today, but meals were generally eaten together as a family. When many family members lived in one house, conversations were more lively. They would take turns washing the dishes, and important information was exchanged during this process. Children also had many opportunities to learn various wisdom from their grandparents and other family members. However, there was an underlying belief that only women were supposed to protect the home, and this was very problematic.
(Today) The nuclear family has become increasingly common, and with busy work and academic schedules, it seems that the only time families have meals together is on weekends in many households. Although convenient machines such as dishwashers have reduced the burden of household chores, the reality is that there is not much conversation during these chores. In addition, families have limited opportunities to cook together and talk with each other. Furthermore, the unusual situation of a single family member working alone is not necessarily uncommon, which is a lonely situation. However, with the advancement of technology, such as video calls, communication is possible anytime, anywhere. It can also be said that the establishment of an environment in which one can live alone is good in terms of considering various possibilities. The position of women has improved somewhat, but it is still not enough.

From the perspective of family interaction, it seems that the amount of time we spend together has decreased greatly. When thinking about happiness, I think it is necessary to reconsider what is important to prioritize, and how men and women can respect each other and live a family life.


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