March 19, 2024

What will happen to the earth and the world if things continue as they are now?(5)

I have shown that the situation will worsen when the problems of poverty, including population issues (2), industrial issues, including energy issues (3), and immoral destruction, such as war, conflict, and terrorism (4), are combined with the problems related to global warming (1). If these problems cause a vicious cycle one after another, I have no choice but to say that unfortunately, there is a very high possibility that not only living things on Earth, but also humans, will become endangered species. Is it okay to leave it like this?…

『The problems 2 through 4 are considerably complicated by the various agendas involved, although some of them are influenced by the problem1.
The problem 2 will become even more serious if affected by the problem 1, and there is a high risk that many people will starve to death or become refugees, and that world order will not be maintained.
The problem 3 threatens a secure life and a healthy daily routine, and together with the problem 1, it causes a lot of suffering to people and poses a high risk of endangering tomorrow’s life.
The problem 4 is fraught with the risk of instantaneous loss of world order, such as genocide by nuclear war, and the risk that the future of the earth tomorrow will be lost in an instant. In the background to this, the plundering of resources and wealth, and the struggle for water and food are expected, and the impact of the problem 1 is thought to be greatly involved in the outbreak of these problems.

If things continue as they are, the problem 1 will become more serious, and the problems 2 to 4 will occur frequently, either simultaneously or at different times, which seems inevitable, bringing about an unimaginably dark future for the Earth of tomorrow. In other words, it must be said that the probability of not only living creatures but also human beings becoming an endangered species on the Earth is unfortunately extremely high.


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