March 11, 2024

What should life be like? I want to see the difference between the past and the present.(8)

Nowadays, thanks to technological innovation, it seems that we are becoming a society that prioritizes convenience. However, is this really the right thing to do when we think about the future of the Earth? Global warming is likely to bring about a harsh future for all living things, including humans. For this reason, I think we need to calmly think about how we can pursue convenience while protecting our future.

(In the past) In rural areas, travel by car was essential, and for this reason cars were becoming more and more popular, but in cities, public transportation such as trains and buses were mainly used. There were not necessarily many taxis, and there were not many parking spaces. Also, there was not much traffic, so traffic congestion was not that severe, and the natural environment was relatively well preserved.
(Today) Cars have become a necessity, and the proportion of luxury cars is gradually increasing, and in cities, parking lots are always crowded, and road congestion is frequent. The use of public transportation is by no means decreasing, but it seems that we are becoming a society that prioritizes convenience over energy consumption and the environment. It is good that things have become more convenient, but when we think about the Earth as a whole, we are concerned about the extent of the negative effects.

I think we need to think carefully again about what is truly important in our lives and how we can make the most of the advantages and reduce the disadvantages.


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