March 7, 2024

What should life be like? I want to see the difference between the past and the present.(4)

Looking back at our daily life in the city, it seems that while it has become very convenient, the nature that is so important to us is being lost. We can only continue to live with the support of living things, so I think we must always think about the balance between these things and carefully protect them.

『(In the past) There were many unpaved roads, especially gravel roads that were very difficult to walk on, but nature remained intact and there were many insects and butterflies. There were also many weeds growing, so I could come into contact with nature anywhere. Even in the puddles that sometimes formed after rain, water striders and other creatures were living there vigorously.
(Today) Roads are paved everywhere, making it easier for cars to drive. There is also less dust, but the nature that was around them has retreated somewhere as houses and other buildings are built.
It is becoming difficult to encounter insects unless you go to the countryside or by the river. Global warming may be a factor. The air is also gradually becoming polluted, and it seems that we can no longer breathe fresh air unless you go to places in the countryside or suburbs where there is still plenty of nature left.

In the city, we are losing the precious world of nature in exchange for convenience. It is very important, and it is something we need to protect more than anything else.


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