February 13, 2024

Environmental Issues in Developing Countries(2)

This is not necessarily limited to this theme, but why are people unable to respond to these risks even though they are looming? I cannot help but think that this is due to the fact that people have not been accurately informed of the risks and the terrible future that awaits if they are unable to avoid them. For this reason, I think that it is necessary to accurately convey these risks to people, starting with school education.

Why are people turning a blind eye to the changes that are taking place even though a global crisis is creeping up under our feet? I would assert that this is probably because people do not correctly understand the sense of crisis. If people were aware of the crisis as their own, wouldn’t they be able to change? In other words, if people realize that the air and water on the earth circulate around the world and that the earth is a single community of destiny, wouldn’t they be able to act in a way that pursues only the interests of their own country? Because I believe that if the earth is on the path of destruction, the human race will be on the same path.

However, when we look at the real world, it seems that most countries and the majority of people are not very aware of the future crisis. It seems to me that, due to past customs, people have become indifferent to this global crisis as they continue to pursue their own country interests and their own interests, and as a result, humanity continues to move forward on a path that will face a crisis. This is not because there was a problem with people. It seems to me that this was caused by a lack of education that steadily communicates these facts. I want to steadily convey this current situation and change our path from now on, even if it is just a little at a time, as soon as possible.


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