2.<External Environment>

January 31, 2024

When we look at the real world, it is becoming unstable
Today, when tomorrow is becoming harder to see

Before looking at the external environment, I reflected on the current situation.

Recently, abnormal weather conditions and conflicts have been occurring all over the world, and it has honestly become difficult to see whether we will be safe tomorrow, whether our future is secure, and whether the next generation will be able to live happily, etc. and I have become concerned. I think everyone is feeling this to varying degrees.

The environment surrounding the earth is approaching a critical point, with global warming, food shortages, and the risk of nuclear attack. Unless we gather our wisdom and figure out how to overcome this crisis, a peaceful tomorrow may one day be lost and gone.

Finally, I have provided examples of each issue. I will now consider each issue in depth.

The major problems include global warming, depletion of ozone layer, acid rain, marine pollution, transboundary movement of hazardous waste, decrease in biodiversity, deforestation, desertification, environmental issues in developing countries, population issues, food issues, nuclear problems, war and conflicts, terrorism, nuclear attacks, and pandemic infections control, etc.


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