March 1, 2024

Are you maintaining your mental health?(1)

I have been thinking about mental health. The world seems to me to be in a hurry these days. If only people could study and prepare themselves for their own dreams and aspirations. I think that the background to this is the collapse of world peace and global safety, so I think it is necessary to improve so that people can maintain their mental health.

I think that a state in which we can calmly think about our future, calmly set goals, and aim for them is a healthy and healthy state of mind. Although things don’t always go as we want in life, I think it is desirable to be in a situation where we can live with peace of mind, security, and confidence, even if various things happen. Of course, because everything is not as it seems, we grow as human beings in the process of overcoming these difficulties, but even so, I think it is most important to maintain mental health. In recent years, whether you are a student or a working adult, you are under a lot of pressure and I worry that you are not living freely. Unfortunately, I don’t really know whether people are really able to study and prepare for their dreams and aspirations. I hope that even though you live with doubts and insecurities somewhere, your hearts are as healthy as possible.

If world peace and global safety collapse, many people will become mentally ill from anxiety and worry. It is desirable to establish a system that does not cause such a situation. It is truly sad that innocent civilians around the world are caught up in wars, conflicts, and riots, and that as a result, many people are forced to leave their homes as refugees. We need to investigate and analyze the situation, extract the causes, and look for solutions to see what we can do to prevent such situations from occurring.  We would then like to move closer to the realization of a society and world in which people can feel secure. Furthermore, when we turn our attention to the Earth, I believe that each and every one of us needs to find peace of mind and protect all life, including human beings. We humans are being asked to take the leadership in protecting this Earth, and we can say that we have a great responsibility.


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