Table of Contents

To protect your loved ones – Let’s use our power to change the history of our planet

January 20, 2024

1.<The Purpose of Life

 What is the purpose of life for you?                                                          21

 For me, it seems like protecting the people I care about                          21

 I want my loved ones to be happy forever                                                    32

 I want you all to remember your loved ones once again                              33

Chapter 1 begins with a reflection on the purpose of life, and for me, I thought it was to protect my loved ones, but what do you all think? Of course, there are different ways of thinking. However, I think that the existence of more or less important people is also important to you. Based on this premise, I have reflected on this world, and first of all, I have thought about how we can protect our loved ones. The details will come in Chapter 2 and beyond, but in this chapter I conclude by saying, “I want you to realize anew how important your loved ones are.” This is because I believe that this feeling will be the driving force that will lead to our actions in the future.


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