January 22, 2024

3.<Internal Environment

 Is it safe to say that people’s inner lives are fine?                                             69

Does each person have a dream? What is important is the dream.               69

Are you maintaining your mental health?                                                             72

Isn’t the structure of society also distorted?                                                      74

What should life be like? I want to see the difference between the past and the present.                                                                 75

What has humanity caused so far?                                               87

I would like to look to the purpose of people’s lives in the future.                       88

In Chapter 3, I looked at the situation of humanity’s internal environment from a different perspective as the external environment deteriorated as seen in Chapter 2. When I considered the situation from the viewpoint of whether people are living with dreams, it appeared to me that the distortion of the external environment is gradually causing stress on the mind as well. In particular, when I compare and consider my childhood with the present, I see that while things have become very convenient, opportunities for important human connections have diminished, and it seems that our hearts are not always satisfied. I am concerned that we have lost sight of something more important.


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