January 23, 2024

4.Forecasting the future based on current conditions

What does the future look like given the current state?                                 91

What will happen to the earth and the world if things continue as they are now?  91

What impact will it have on people?  95

How far has the problem progressed now? What are the clues to a solution?   98

Is there any possibility left to avoid the road to ruin?                                   100

In Chapter 4, I have tried to calmly consider where our future will end up if we continue on our present course. In particular, the serious problems associated with global warming, as well as the morally indifferent and destructive problems of war, conflict, and terrorism, have led me to speculate that the future for children, youth, workers, and elderly pensioners will be darker than we could ever imagine. However, I concluded, “It seems to me that once the concept of peace is fully established in the world, solutions to various problems will begin to emerge, and with technological innovation, we will be able to overcome them. I am well aware of the difficulty of achieving this, but I can see no other way out. What do you think? I hope you will consider this matter as it concerns your future.


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