January 25, 2024

6.Vision for the future

How can we rebuild towards an ideal world?    143

What is the safe living environment we are aiming for?     143

What is the significance of changing the environment?      144

What does it mean to protect the earth for a lifetime and generations to come?     144

What kind of society is the desirable form?    145

I would like to reconsider what the ideal form should be.     146

How should the country support them first?    148

What form is a desirable world for us?     151

How do we need to move in this context?     152

We need to be proactive and speak up for what is right.     154

I would like to think a little more about if there is anything wrong with my approach.   155

So how do we make people understand?    156

Is anyone really against protecting the earth?      157

I would like to go back to the starting point and figure out what needs to be done.   158

In Chapter 6, I asked the question, “How do we rebuild toward our ideal world?” I have considered the ideal and approaches to achieve it from a broad perspective. I believe that the ideal world is one in which the world is united, without conflict or war, in cooperation and peace, transcending the boundaries between countries and countries, countries and regions, and regions and regions, so that the earth can continue to be a place rich in life forever. Ultimately, I also advocated my ideal that “the center of the world is the world state, and the national government should be positioned as a local government”. I am well aware that this is too idealistic and will be criticized as being impossible. The reason why I dared to write this is because I feel at first hand that the current situation is so critical and to be forced into a corner that we have to move forward in this direction. And as for the ideal form, I mentioned that “This is exactly the worldview of the Hawaiian word “pono” (The correct state in which everything on earth should be. Things, the natural environment, human relationships, mental state, health state are in perfect balance and harmony)”. I did mention this because I wanted to show once again that such a state of being exists in this world.


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