January 19, 2024

For example, it would be assumed to prevent global warming on a global scale, or to transform the world system with the aim of achieving world peace and happiness for people, but it is easy to imagine that it will take an enormous amount of energy to realize a change from the history we have been walking through. However, if we continue to walk without doing anything, we are steadily seeing a perilous future for humanity and the earth ahead of us. This is why we, who are living at this crossroads, have a great mission to protect life both the present and in the future.

From this perspective, I would like to consider what path we should take in the future in order to protect our loved ones, which means protecting the lives of all living things, including human beings, and the Earth. However, I believe that there is still a future that can be changed by the efforts of each and every one of us, starting now. This may sound too idealistic to the readers, but I have dared to write this article in the hope that it will at least encourage people to think about what is really necessary for us to do now. I hope you will forgive me if the fact that there are many parts of this book that merely raise issues for which solutions must be found in the future.

Last but not least, I believe that each one of us must have a meaning for being born. However, as was the case with me, many people may find it difficult to find it. First of all, we should start by taking good care of our surroundings, which are people and other living things, and I believe that this will lead us to find the meaning. I am sure that something will come to light. I am sure that our loved ones are one of those people, and by protecting them, something wonderful will surely emerge.

I sincerely thank the readers who pick up this book and read it, and I sincerely hope that they will have the courage to step forward for the sake of our future planet.

It is easy to imagine from our history that it will be difficult to solve these problems, but since we can see a precarious future for humanity and the earth, and if we do not start something, we will disappear without being able to live on this earth and contribute anything, leading to the deprivation of the future of future generations. For this reason, I wrote this book with the hope that “I want readers to stand up together and stop this trend.”


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