January 17, 2024

I would like to begin today with the introduction to the book “To Protect Your Loved Ones” published by Bungeisha on August 15, 2023.


What do people seek from the moment they are born until the moment they leave this world, and what do they feel happy about when they achieve it? It is truly wonderful that human beings have continued to bequeath their descendants in a unbroken line since their birth. However, can we say that we are fulfilling our role in this age? And are we living our lives without regrets? I believe that this is something that is difficult for anyone to realize.

You only live once. And “now” will never return. However, the history of our lives will remain, and it will lead us to tomorrow. That is why we want to cherish today and believe in tomorrow.

This book is an expression of one person’s desire to find something important in the midst of these vague thoughts, to live a lifetime of satisfaction, and to contribute to this earth. In particular, I wanted to protect the most important thing in my life, the things I loves, which is why I titled this book “To Protect Your Loved Ones. In other words, it could be said, “How should we live our life to protect our loved ones?

When we think about life, how do we really lead our lives? In my experience, from birth to elementary school, we gradually try to find our own path under the protection of our parents or guardians. Next, during adolescence, they will probably embrace their own dreams and move their hearts to seek a partner of their choice. They may also aim to become a member of society, wrestle with the idea of their future life, and gradually define their own way of life. After that, I think many of them will devote themselves to their work. If they get married, they cherish the time they have together, and if they have a child, they work hard to make sure that he or she will be able to stand on his or her own feet and I believe they will work hard to ensure that they are successful in their work and that their family is happy. After that, they will probably live out the rest of their lives, thinking about a healthy old age. When they pass away in these circumstances, they may look back and wonder how their life has been so far. However, while the present state of diversity may not necessarily take this path, the final look back seems to be a common one.

Such a life is wonderful. But are we really satisfied with such a life?

As I looked back on my own life to date, I reflected on it, asking myself if this way of life was the right way to live. I believe that everyone’s life is different, but it seems to me that people who lead this kind of life are not good or bad, but rather common. The thing that bothered me the most was, “Can we really be satisfied with such a way of life?”


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