January 18, 2024

Then I would like to ask you what the purpose of life is. It may be very difficult to grasp, but I think the first thing we can assume is that it is to live with dreams. And if you have a loved one nearby, I think you will be able to lead a more meaningful life. Taking it a step further, I think it is important to achieve something more while having the peace of mind of being able to live a safe and secure life, sharing joys and sorrows with your loved ones in good health.

On the other hand, if we look at the world today, what is our situation? First, from the environmental perspective of unstable climate change, and second, from the lifestyle perspective of unstable economic conditions, we inevitably feel as if we are living in a world where anxiety remains. Not only the external factors surrounding people, but also the internal factors of our hearts and minds seem to me to be drifting away from an ideal state.

Looking more closely at the world today, it appears that great threats and fears are mounting against the entire living world, including the human race: first, the risk of nuclear development by nations under the guise of deterrence; second, global environmental issues such as global warming, population growth, and food shortages; and third, which cannot yet be determined, is the potential threat of artificial intelligence. Each of these threats may vary in time, but if we do not correctly fear that we are going in the wrong direction, it could lead not only to the destruction of life, but also to the destruction of the earth.

So how can we move closer to our ideal state and make our lives better?

Then I wondered what the purpose of life would be. It seemed to me that it is to be able to live safely and securely, to have a sense of security in one’s heart, and to live one’s dreams. However, when I asked myself if everyone is really living this way today, the reality of living in the midst of so many threats became apparent. The question then becomes, “How can we get closer to our ideal state and improve our lives?”


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